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Alpaca Mexico abalone seascape pendantAlpaca Mexico Silver Abalone pendant‚ or charm if you’d rather‚ with a peaceful seaside setting. Measures approximately 5|8 inches (2 cm.)Very nice shape‚ and all. $9.99.  

white enamelA very interesting necklace indeed. Part of the chain is gold-tone and white enamel, the other is simply white enamel. The pendant itself is a white enamel abstract, with goldtone accents. Measures almost 24 inches (61 cm) without pendant which is about 2 5/8 by 1.5 inches (6.8 by 3.8) at its widest point. Unsigned. Some of the enamel has worn away from part of a couple of links, but still looks very good. $25.00.

Sarah Coventry Lucite necklace with amber-coloured beads

Sarah Coventry Lucite necklace with amber-coloured beads. Looks really lovely with tiger-print blouse.  Or so I heard. Measures approximately 37.25 inches, clasp to clasp(85 cm.) $10.00.

  Multi-coloured faux stone bead necklaceMulti-coloured faux stone bead necklace. Alternating four sided fluted-oval beads and diamond shapes on hemp. Appears to be handmade. Measures approximately 33.5 inches (85 cm.) clasp to clasp. In really nice shape. $25.00.
tassel pendant necklaceGold tone chain link necklace and tassel. To be perfectly honest we dont know if these two pieces go together. But you know how Lola is; put ‘em together any way. The chains are in very good shape but the ball of the tassel has just a smidgen of wear. Measures approximately 24 inches (61 cm.) clasp to clasp. Folding clasps look just fine, too. $10.00.   Ethyl and Myrtle earrings You and I necklace“You and I” necklace with “Ethyl and Myrtle” earrings. You’re right‚ this is not an actual set‚ but don’t they look nice together? Seems like something Wilma and Betty might wear for a night on the town...Rust and wood coloured spikey dagger beads. Necklace is in very nice shape, one of the earwires has a slight crimp in it‚ though. Measures approximately 16.5 inches (42 cm.) Very good. $25.00.
Mother of pearl bead necklaceMother of pearl bead necklace. Appears to be handmade or at the very least re-strung, which amounts to the same thing. Unsigned. Measures approximately 31.5 inches (80 cm.) In very good condition. $10.00.   natural stoneCarved natural stone, possibly some sort of agate (but I am obviously not an expert on these matters.) Pendant is carved on one side, smooth on the other. "Chain" consists of 6 long stone "beads," and 26 small stone "beads." One bead, a long one, is entirely clear. The others are composed of varying degrees of these colours: tan, ecru, sepia, peach, brown. Pendant is approximately 2- 1/16 inches (5.3 cm.) Necklace is about 28 inches (70 cm) in length. Each stone, pendant included, is connected to the next one by wire. Very good. $30.00.
CarnelianTwisted rice bead necklaceLong carnelian-coloured twisted rice and gold-tone beads with gold-tone chains necklace. Spring ring clasp. Measures approximately 48 inches (122 cm.) clasp to clasp. Very good. $10.00.
  mother of pearlMother of pearl necklace with graduated oval beads. The clasp show some aging, but the necklace itself is in fine shape. Spacers are also to be mother of pearl. Measures approximately 17 inches (44 cm.) $30.00.

Pearls and lace necklaceHandmade necklace of faux pearls and real lace. Silver-tone lobster clasp. Very nice shape. Measures approximately 35 inches (89 cm) clasp to clasp Unsigned. $15.00.

  Givenchy three chain necklaceGivenchy three chain necklace. Measures approximately 16 inches (41 cm.) clasp to clasp. Very nice shape. $40.00.
Cowrie shell necklaceVintage cowrie shell necklace and pendant. Measures approximately 30 inches (76 cm.); pendant 3 inches in diameter (7.5 mm.) Really nice condition. $20.00.   Enameled coral and gold tone coloured necklaceEnameled coral and gold tone coloured necklace. Looks a bit like drops of fire-roasted tomato sauce on an oddly shaped squarish plate. But then again, it is lunchtime. Okay once again in jewelry-ese this is a linked plate necklace with an enamel covered abstract design.  Unsigned. Lobster claw clasp. Measures approximately 21 inches (53.5 cm.) Very nice shape. $40.00.
Coin Bead Necklace Stone-like coin bead necklace. Very nice - and perfect for a day at the beach! Looks like agate| jasper coloured glass. Measures approximately 25 inches (63 cm.) Very good. $20.00.

Lindsay Boyer Carnelian Cross PendantLindsay Boyer carnelian cross pendant necklace. Has some stress marks where the inner cross intersects with the outer cross.  Measures approximately 31.5 inches (80 cm.) Very good. $40.00.

Safari necklaceSafari necklace. Wooden beads and animals. Looks very 1970’s. Or again‚ Wilma and Betty formal. Measures approximately 26 inches (66 cm.) clasp to clasp. Very good. Unsigned. $25.00.



Bone and wood bead bib necklaceBone and wood bead bib necklace. Measures approximately 17 inches (43 cm.) clasp to clasp. Very nice condition. $50.00.

filligreeLovely filigree necklace with a double-oval link chain which measures about 12 inches|30.4 cm. Pendant is approximately 1-7/8 inches (3.5 cm) in diameter. It has multicolored cabochons, which include an emerald, a sodalite, a carnelian, heliodor, a peridot one in the center, and four seed pearls. That's what they look like to me any way. Let’s don’t think, just shop. Very good. $25.00.  

Trifari © butterflyTrifari© butterfly. This lovely agate-like butterfly measures approximately 1.25 x 1 inches (2.75 x 3 cm), with a 19.5 inch (49 cm) chain. Excellent. $50.00.




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